Behind the scenes

Organization of Synapse

From the Organic to the Mechanic, Synapse embarks its readers on a journey through human neurology. As the pages are flipped, readers slowly travel from the core of humanity to the digital future ahead of us.

Editorials as narratives

Synapse embraces storytelling. Each editorial featured seeks to communicate a unique story with the reader.

Main four editorials shown below

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  • Epigenetic Consequences of Plastic Pollution

  • The Fermi Paradox

  • Analysing David Altmejd

  • Blitz Kids

  • Therapeutic Use of Psychedelics

  • Grimes and neuroplasticity

  • Looking Beyond the Surface: Tillmans newest exhibition “to look without fear”

  • Future Designers of The Kimono

  • Iris Van Herpen

  • The Neurology of Attraction and Gendered Biology

  • Jimmy DeSana

  • BDSM return to Haute Couture

Featured articles

  • Interviews:

    • Designing Femininity and Ester Dobrik

    • Knitting Gender and Mayra Tuncel

All articles have been written exclusively for Synapse magazine